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Welcome to a small website showing my gouache paintings. These are intimate landscapes containing no human figures in which everything is moving, water, foliage, sea and sky. They were painted in East Kent between Canterbury and Wye or South-East Sicily around Siracusa. The work shown here was painted on rough watercolour paper using gouache paints with very high concentrations of pigments and a gum arabic binder without opaque filler that can either be used directly from the tube as a relatively thick opaque colour or diluted in water and applied in transparent coats like watercolours. All these paintings were done “en plein-air” in a single sitting. These 6 small galleries of my goauche paintings show work that is very different from my main work that you can see at works for me is a is a form of meditation and also a challenge to try and find something that is absent on static images and photographs, a sensation of presence.